90768: John Macdonald

John (1886-1919) was the son of John Macdonald and Marion Mackay. The family were originally cottars at 51 North Tolsta and then became cottars at 16 North Tolsta. We know this was after 1881 as the birth place of one of his brothers is known, but it is not clear how long after his brother was born that they family moved. Therefore John’s place of birth is uncertain, but we do know he eventually lived at the cottars house at 16 North Tolsta.

John married Catherine Macdonald, of 1 North Tolsta, and the couple settled as cottars at 1b North Tolsta. They had four children: three girls and a boy.

He joined the Seaforth Militia and served in Cairo during the Boer War.

During the First World War John served with the Royal Navy Reserves on the HMS Emperor of India.

John was widowed in 1915 and died in the Iolaire Disaster on 1st January 1919. His children were thereby orphaned, and his seven-year-old daughter Mary died five weeks later. Further information can be found at North Tolsta’s World War One website.

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Seonaidh Mhic Eoch
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1 Jan 1919
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CET 19
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