91129: John Macinnes

John (1814-1855) was the son of Angus Macinnes and Margaret Macaskill; it is not certain where the family were living at the time of his birth.

In the 1820s the family obtained 13 Old Lemreway as a newly lotted croft.

In 1843 Old Lemreway was cleared and the family settled at 1 Glen Tolsta.

John married Isabella Campbell of 26 Old South Tolsta; its is not known where they lived during the first years of their marriage when they had their two children.

In 1854 the family settled at 8 North Tolsta, however before the rental had officially passed to John he drowned in a fishing accident off Tolsta Head.

His widow and children were evicted from 8 North Tolsta and taken in by Norman Macleod of 6 North Tolsta as cottars.

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