91857: Angus Macleod

Angus (1867-1947) was the son of John Macleod and Mary Macdonald; the family were cottars at 20 North Tolsta.

Angus joined the Seaforth Milita and served in Cairo during the Boer War.

Angus married twice; his first wife was Mary Macleod, of 59 North Tolsta, and the couple settled at 20 North Tolsta and had their first child in 1894. In total they had six children: five boys and a girl. Angus was widowed in 1912.

In 1916 his eldest son was killed during World War One.

Angus married again, this time to Bess Macmillan, of 4 Glenn Tolsta, and the couple had three children between 1918 and 1923; two boys and a girl.

Their daughter Mary had a son, who stayed at 20 North Tolsta with his grandparents. Later Angus and Bess and their grandson moved to Plasterfield. 

The cottars house at 20 North Tolsta was then demolished.

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