92079: Margaret Murray

Margaret (1881-1958) was the daughter of Donald Murray and Margaret Nicolson of 52 North Tolsta.

Margaret married Angus Smith, of 24 North Tolsta, it is not clear where the couple initially settled or where their seven children, five boys and two girls, were born. Their eldest child, Angus, died in infancy. It seems possible they were living in a cottars house at 52 North Tolsta for at least some of this time as there were two houses on the croft at this time.

In 1920 Margaret’s brother died and 52 North Tolsta passed to Angus. Margaret’s sister-in-law stayed living at 52 North Tolsta in a house sometimes referred to as 52b and Margaret and Angus lived in a house referred to as 52a.

In 1939 their youngest child, Donald, was killed during World War Two.

In 1946 Margaret was widowed.

Her second son, Angus, who had inherited 52 North Tolsta, died in 1956.

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