92082: Murdo Graham

Murdo Graham (1883-1914) was the son of Alexander Graham and Mary Mackenzie of 41 Back.

Murdo married Christina Smith, of 24 North Tolsta. The couple settled at 24 North Tolsta and had three children: two girls and a boy.

Murdo joined the Seaforth Highlanders and served a few years in India during the Boer War, for which he held the King’s Medal and clasps. Murdo left the army after seven years’ service and his time as a reservist would have expired two months after the outbreak of The First World War.

During the war he was present in all the engagements from Mons.

Murdo died in October 1914; he was the first person from Tolsta to be killed in the war, more details can be found here at the North Tolsta World War One website. The couple’s last child was born four months after Murdo’s death.

In 1922, after his death, Murdo’s widow settled at 84 School Road.

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Tiofaidhean (Tiffin)
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