92294: Hector Maciver

Hector (born 1841) was the son of Angus Maciver and Mary Macdonald. It is not certain where the family were living at the time of his birth, but it seems likely they were cottars at 19 Old South Tolsta.

In 1847, when his uncle died and his aunt returned to Garrabost, his father inherited 19 Old South Tolsta. 

In 1851, during the croft relottings, the family obtained 28 North Tolsta.

Hector married Margaret Carmichael, of 3 Glen Tolsta. It is not certain where the couple lived during their early marriage and where they had their first few children.

In1875, Hector’s father-in-law, John Carmichael, returned to Lemreway and 3 Glen Tolsta passed to Hector.

The couple had at least two further children at 3 Glen Tolsta. In total they had six children: four boys and two girls.

In 1883 the family emigrated to Carolina; 3 Glen Tolsta was added to 4 Glen Tolsta at that time.

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