92722: Christina Murray

Christina (1884-1940) was the daughter of Kenneth Murray and Ann Nicolson, of 37 North Tolsta.

Christina’s brother died in infancy in 1887.

In 1889 Christina’s mother died.

Christina’s father went on to marry a second time, her stepmother was Christina Maciver. This marriage provided Christina with three half siblings, but two of these died in infancy.

Christina’s youngest brother died in 1903.

Christina married John Mackenzie, of 48 North Tolsta, and the couple settled at a cottars house at 37 North Tolsta, but it was feued off at some point during their occupancy. The couple had three daughters.

Christina was widowed on the 12th August 1915: when John was killed in Granton while serving in the Royal Navy. 

In due course the house passed to Christina’s eldest daughter Annie, who was a teacher at the local school and built a new bungalow which she named Tulach Ard.



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29 Jun 1940
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CET 1994
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