93229: Mary Macleod

Mary (1909-1997) was the daughter of Angus Macleod and Margaret Macleod; it is not known where the family were living at the time of her birth. Her paternal grandparents lived at 20 North Tolsta and her maternal grandparents at 6 North Tolsta; it is possible the family lived at one of these addresses.

In 1922 her aunt moved to 18 Gress and 82 School Road passed to her parents; the family settled there.

Mary married Murdo Murray, of 49 North Tolsta, and the couple settled at 49 North Tolsta. They had five children: three boys and a girl. 

In 1949 the couple’s youngest son, Angus, died aged two and a half.  

The couple had a grandson who lived with them at 49 North Tolsta.

In due course 49 North Tolsta passed to their second son.

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