93582: Christina Mackay

Christina (1901-1986) was the daughter of Roderick Mackay and Annie Murray, of 66 North Tolsta.

Christina had a daughter Margaret Ann prior to marrying widower, John Maciver and gaining two step children, Joan and Colin; the family settled at The Shieling, North Tolsta and had eleven children there: seven girls and four boys. Their first child was born in 1927 and their last in 1946.

After the death of both her sister, Lily Mackay, and brother-in-law the family moved to 2 School Road, but it is not clear exactly when this happened as we do not known when Lily died. However, as her brother-in-law died in 1946 so it would have been after that date.

Christina was widowed in 1981.

In due course 2 School Road passed to a man from New Tolsta.


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