94070: Norman Macinnes

Norman (1816-1886) was the son of Angus Macinnes and Margaret Macaskill; it is not clear where the family were living at the time of his birth.

Sometime in the early 1820s the family settled at 13 Old Lemreway.

Norman married Catherine Morrison, of Lochs, and the couple probably settled in Old Lemreway as cottars. Their first two children were born there.

In 1843, Lemreway was cleared, and the family settled at 5 Old Glen Tolsta. His parents, who were evicted at the same time, settled at 1 Glen Tolsta. Norman and Catherine’s third child was born the year of the move and the couple went on to have a further five children at 5 Glen Tolsta.

In 1853 the family lost the croft and were cottars in Glen Tolsta for a while; their ninth child was born there.

In 1858 the family obtained 5a Glen Tolsta and the couple had a further two children there. In total they had eleven children: nine girls and two boys.

In 1869 the family lost the croft and settled as cottars in Tolsta.

In 1874 the family obtained 76 North Tolsta as a newly lotted croft.

In 1878 the family lost the croft and moved to Stornoway. 76 North Tolsta passed to John Martin.


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Tormod Tailler
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CET 3356
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