94830: Rachel Carmichael

Rachel (1828-1908) was the daughter of John Carmichael and Christina Campbell of 12a Old Lemreway.

In 1843, when Old Lemreway was cleared, the family obtained 3 Glen Tolsta. The family spent their first winter under an upturned boat on Glen Tolsta beach.

Rachel married John Macmillan, of 2 Glen Tolsta, but it is not clear where the couple initially settled or where their first four children were born.

In 1856 the family obtained 4 Glen Tolsta. The couple went on to have a further eight children there. In total they had twelve children: eight boys and four girls.

In 1884 3 Glen Tolsta was merged with the croft, which then became known at 3/4 Glen Tolsta. 3/4 Glen Tolsta passed to Rachel and John’s eldest son, Donald.

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