9893: John Mackay

John (born 1921) was a son of Angus Mackay and Catherine Ann Morrison, 4 Crulivig. He married Effie Smith, 2 Ungeshader and they lived in Glasgow for a time, where John was employed as a fireman. In 1949, they returned to Uig, where he was a gamekeeper at Uig Lodge, staying in Keeper’s Cottage. In 1958, they relocated to 7 Geshader and he then worked on the Hydro Scheme at Gisla. In 1968, the family returned to Uig Lodge and he resumed his work as gamekeeper, staying there until retirement, when they returned to 7 Geshader.

John and Effie’s eldest son was born in Glasgow. They had another four sons, one of whom, Iain Kenneth, died 1962 aged three months, and three daughters.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
Iain na Ludge; Iain a’ Bhodaich
Date Of Birth:
8 Jan 1921
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBL 2440
Gamekeeper; Fireman
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