109778: Census Canada 1901

The 1901 Census marked the fourth regularly scheduled collection of national statistics. It officially began March 31, 1901.

A total of 351 commissioners were appointed to coordinate the census. Reporting to the commissioners, 8,800 enumerators were then assigned to a clearly defined area. In some cases, members of the North West Mounted Police were used as enumerators.

Enumerators visited 206 census districts, divided into 3,204 sub-districts. These units were made up of cities, towns, groups of townships, Indian reserves, and other less well-defined areas.

Enumerators collected information for 5,371,315 individuals distributed as follows:

  • British Columbia (178,657)
  • Manitoba (255,211)
  • New Brunswick (331,120)
  • Nova Scotia (459,574)
  • Ontario (2,182,947)
  • Prince Edward Island (103,259)
  • Quebec (1,648,898)
  • Territories (211,649)

The 1901 census is searchable via the Library and Archives Canada website.

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31 Mar 1901
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