121886: Census 1921

The 1921 Census was due to take place  on April 24, 1921 but due to industrial unrest it was postponed until Sunday June 9, 1921.

The Census Act of 1920 came in to effect before the 1921 census and is still the primary legislation for the delivery of the census in Scotland, England and Wales. The Act dealt with the provision of funds for the census to be undertaken, penalties for those who did not complete it and also allowed for a census to be taken every five years.

Due to the summer date of the 1921 census, mass displacement of the population occurred as people travelled from their usual residences to holiday destinations across Scotland and the wider UK. 

The 1921 Scottish census records are the enumeration books which contain information transcribed from the household schedules, as with all previous censuses. They are made available as full colour images. The schedules were destroyed after the work on the census was completed.

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