16143: Roll of Honour: Ness to Bernera – For King and Country 1939 to 1945

Bernera District

No Name Service Rank

10 Kenneth Macinnes R.N. H.O. A.B.
7 Donald Macleod R.A.F. H.O.
7 Roddy A Macleod R.A.F. H.O.

1 Malcolm K Macritchie R.N.R. A.B
1 John Macleod Pioneer Corps Private
2 Angus John Ferguson Pioneer Corps Private
3 Angus Macleod R.A.F. Regiment Private
4 John Mackay R.A.S.C. Private
6 Donnie Ferguson Royal Corp of Captain and Adjutant

1 Kenneth J. Smith R.N.R. A.B.
3 Malcolm Macdonald R.N.R C.P.O.

1 Malcolm Macdonald R.N.R. C.P.O.
1 John Macdonald New Zealand Private
2 Donald Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor from H.M.S. Dunvegan Castle)
2 Angus Macdonald New Zealand Private

(Wounded and taken prisoner at Sidi Receij, North Africa)
2 Malcolm Macdonald Pioneer Corps Private
2 Murdo Macdonald R.N. H.O. Stoker
6 Malcolm Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor when H.M.S. Nelson was mined at Loch Ewe)
6 Kenneth John Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor when H.M.S. Nelson was mined at Loch Ewe)
6b John Murdo Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Lost on H.M.S. Forfar October 1940

2 Neil John Macaulay H.O. R.N. A.B.
3 Alexander Maclennan H.O. T.124 R.N. A.B.
3 Catherine Maclennan Civil Nursing Reserve
4 Angus Morrison H.O. R.N. A.B.
4 Malcolm R. Morrison H.O. R.N. Signalman
4 Murdo Morrison Merchant Navy A.B.
7 Kenneth Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.

7 Alex E. Sim R.N. S.B.A.
(Lost on H.M.S. “Hood” May 1941)
8 John Maclennan R.N.R. Gunner A.B.
(Killed 30-08-1940)
8 Alexander Maclennan Fleet Air Arm L.A.F. Engines
9 John Macdonald H.O. R.N. Leading Seaman
9 Annie Macdonald N.A.F.F.I.
10 Alex John Maclennan H.O. R.N. A.B.
11 Angus Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor from H.M.S.”Dunvegan Castle”)
11 Duncan Macdonald R.N.R. C.P.O.
11 Malcolm Macdonald Merchant Navy A.B.
11 Donald Macdonald Fleet Air Arm
11 John Macdonald Seaforth Highlanders Piper
(Killed at Caen 1944)
11 Donald M. Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
11 Finlay Macdonald Fleet Air Arm
11 Peggy Macdonald Civil Nursing Reserve
16 Peter Murdo Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
16 John G Macdonald Royal Artillery Sergeant
17 John Macaulay Royal Artillery Gunner on Merchant Ships
17 Christina Macaulay Civil Nursing Reserve
18 John C Mackenzie H.O. R.N. A.B.
20 Malcolm John Macinnes R.N.R. A.B.
22 Ina Macdonald G.A.R.M.N.R. Sister
(Survivor on H.M.S.”Strath Allan”en route to Africa)
23 John Macnaughton H.O. R.N. Officer Stewart
24 Norman Macdonald R.N.R. Skipper Sub-Lieut.
24 Malcolm Murdo Macdonald H.O. R.N. Lieutenant

5 Donald George Mackenzie R.N.R. A.B.
8 Angus Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(1914-18, 1939-45)
8 Donald Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
8 Mary Macdonald N.A.F.F.I.
11 George Maciver Seaforth Highlanders Private
11 John Maciver Canadians R.S.M.
12 John Mackenzie R.N.R. A.B.
(Three times survivor. First from H.M.S.”Coburn” and twice from H.M.S.”Hecla”)
12 Murdanie Mackenzie Royal Marines Corporal
13 Angus Mackenzie R.N.R. A.B.
13 John Angus Mackenzie R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor from H.M.S.”Comerin”)
13 Donald William Mackenzie R.N.H.O.
13 Norman Mackenzie Royal Pioneer Corps Sergeant
14 Norman Mcdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(1914-18, 1939-45)
16 Isabella Macdonald A.T.S.
17 Donald Martin R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor from H.M.S.”Hector”)
17 John Martin R.N.S.R.
(Died on war service Kingseat hospital 25-01-1940)
17 Donald John Martin R.N. H.O. A.B.
18 Donald Matheson R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor from H.M.S.”Comerin”)
18 Angus Matheson R.N.R. A.B.

22 Kenneth Macdonald R.N.R. Leading Seaman
(Lost in the Mediterranean December 1942)
22 Angus Macdonald R.N.R. Leading Seaman
22 John Macdonald Merchant Navy A.B.
24a Kenneth Macdonald R.N.R A.B.
24a Norman Angus Macdonald Merchant Navy 2nd Officer
24a Malcolm Macdonald R.N. H.O. A.B.
24a Katie Ann Macdonald Civil Nursing Reserve
24b John Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(1914-18, 1939-45)

1 Angus Maciver R.N.R. A.B.
5 John Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(1914-18, 1939-45)
5 Angus Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
9 Angus Macdonald H.O. R.N.
9 John Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor. Lost his ship in Norway)
9 Effie Macdonald N.A.F.F.I.
10 Murdo Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
13 Angus Macdonald R.N. H.O. A.B.
(Lost at sea, April 1942)
14 John Maciver R.N.R. A.B.
14 Norman Maciver R.N.R. A.B.
16b Murdo Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
16b Donald Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
(Survivor from H.M.S.”Comerin”)
16b John Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
16b Norman Macdonald R.N. H.O. A.B.
16b Malcolm Macdonald R.N. H.O. Sick Berth Attendant P.O.
16b Johnnie Macdonald R.N. H.O. Sick Berth Attendant
17 Angus Alex Macdonald R.N. H.O. A.B.
18 Anna Macdonald Queen Alex. R.N.S. Sister
19 Neil M Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.
21 Alex K Macdonald R.N.R. A.B.

2 Nellie Macdonald W.R.E.N.S. Leading Wren
4 Norman Mciver Gordon Highlanders Corporal, H.O.
(Prisoner of war-Italy)
4 Donald Maciver R.N.R. P.O.
6 Neil Macleod Merchant Navy 2nd Officer
7 Finlay Maciver R.N.R. C.P.O.
(Survivor from H.M.S.”Rutlandshire”)
7 John Angus Maciver R.N. H.O. Lieutenant
8 Malcolm Mckenzie R.N. H.O. A.B.
8 Norman Mackenzie R.N. H.O. A.B.
10 Kenneth Macdonald R.N.R. C.P.O.
10 Malcolm Macdonald R.A.F. Squadron Leader
10 Murdo Macdonald R.A.F. Pilot officer
(D.F.C. killed 6th August 1944)
13 Angus Macdonald R.A.S.C. Private
13 John Macdonald Merchant Navy A.B.
13 Norman Macdonald R.N. H.O. Leading Seaman
House Malcolm Macleod Seaforth Highlanders Private
Office Norman Maciver R.N. H.O. Supply Branch
Office William Davies H.O. R.N. Supply Branch
Glas Kathleen Macdonald W.L.A.

3 James Mackenzie Merchant Navy A.B.
3 J.M. Mackenzie Royal Engineers Private
3 Angus Mackenzie H.O. R.N. A.B.
4 Neil Macdonald H.O. Royal Engineers Private
(Killed in France 1944)
5 Roderick Ferguson Seaforth Highlanders Private
(Prisoner of War in Germany)
5 Fergus Ferguson Scots Guards Private
5 James Macdonald H.O. R.N. Sick Berth Attendant
7 Murdo Macdonald H.O.Royal Artillery Private
7 Malcolm Macdonald H.O. R.N.
8 Norman Macdonald R.N.R A.B.
8 Angus Macdonald R.N.R A.B.
(Received B.E.M. for services in English Channel)


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