38908: Ministers of the Parish of Lochs – 1724 onwards

Church of Scotland (Established) – Church located firstly at Swordale, Keose and latterly at Eilean Tabhaidh, Keose

Rev Colin Mackenzie 1724-1759

Rev Alexander Mackay 1760-1767

Rev James Wilson 1768-1784

Rev John Fraser 1784-1792

Rev Alexander Simpson 1793-1830

Rev Robert Finlayson 1831-1843

In 1843, the Rev Robert Finlayson joined the Free Church and moved to Crossbost

Church of Scotland (Established) Keose

Rev Robert Stewart 1843-1844

Rev Roderick M Reid 1844-1869

Rev Ewan Campbell 1869-1889

Rev Donald MacCallum 1889-1920

Rev Duncan Matheson 1921-1928


Free Church of Scotland (Crossbost)

Rev Robert Finlayson 1843-1856

Rev John Macrae 1857-1864

Rev GL Campbell 1865-1873

Rev Hector Cameron 1876-1881

In 1882, the Kinloch area of the parish was erected into a regular Free Church ministerial charge

Kinloch – Church located at Laxay

Rev John Macdonald 1885-1896

Rev John Mackay 1896-1900

(Rev Mackay left the Free Church and joined the United Free Church when it was formed in 1900)

Free Church of Scotland (Kinloch)

Rev Malcolm Macleod 1901-1908

Rev Murdoch Macrae 1927-1961

The charge had been vacant for almost 20 years and the congregation were served by missionaries

United Free Church of Scotland, Kinloch – Church located at Laxay

Rev John Mackay 1900-1923

Rev John Mackay 1924-1927

In 1929, a Union took place between the Established Church of Scotland and the United Free Church of Scotland, thereafter called the Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland, Kinloch – Church located at Laxay

Rev Murdo M Macsween 1933-1944

Rev Angus A Mackillop 1944-1957

Rev Roderick Murray 1959-1967

Rev David Macinnes 1968-1977

Rev Norman Macsween 1977-1986


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