28702: Auxiliary Coastguard Service: Veterans of Aird

Gallan Head, the supreme vantage point of the indented south western coast of Lewis,
has been of strategic importance from as far back as human memory can recall.
During the war years the Auxiliary Coastguard Service, uniformed and armed,
maintained a twenty-four hour watch on the North Western Approaches from the
200 foot high Gallan Head cliffs. The Service was manned by Aird Veterans.

John Macleod, 8 Aird, had a unique record of service in three wars. As a youth he
was in the Militia and fought with the Cameron Highlanders in the Boer War. He
served throughout the First World War in the RNR on a minesweeper.

Donald Macritchie, 7 Aird, was in the Militia as a youth and as a Naval Reservist
during the First World War he was on the Carmania when it encountered the
German Cap Trafalgar off Trinidad.

Murdo Matheson, 6 Aird, was in the Militia as a youth and served in the RNR
during the First World War.

John Maclennan, 4 Aird and formerly of Kneep, was in the RNRT and was a
survivor of the lolaire disaster.

John Maclean, 5 Aird, was in the RNR in the First World War. He was a gun layer
on a merchant ship which was eventually torpedoed.

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