41297: Bernera School Log for 1900 – October to December

Extracts from the Bernera School Log for 1900

October 5 – Children working well, but in an exam of Standards IV, V, VI, the Arithmetic did not show up well and spelling needs attention. The simplest operations in arithmetic are worked out in full on slates when they could easily be done mentally.

October 12 – Report on Religious Instruction 1900: Bernera Public School; In this school the Infants have scarcely any Bible Knowledge and their repetition was only fair, but otherwise the school is almost all that could be desired. The pupils in Standards VI and Ex VI especially distinguished themselves in Bible Knowledge, and the Bible Knowledge of those in Standards IV and V were very good.

October 25 – Received charts of British Birds, Butterflies, Moths and Flowers from Messrs Colman, which greatly interests the children.

November 1 – School closed. Many of the elder pupils being engaged in getting the sheep home from the moors. Not a third child turned up. General excuse for bad attendance is potato lifting.

November 22 – The Doctor says that M. A. Macdonald is suffering from Typhoid fever, and one of Mr Murray’s the missionary, children has the same complaint. The school is closed owing to Thanksgiving Services.

November 26 – Today only 22 pupils appeared – the report of Typhoid fever being in the islands seems to have thoroughly scared the parents of the children. Not one pupil came from Kirkibost. The Compulsory Officer says that they flatly refuse to send them. Have written to Clerk of School

November 27 – 17 pupils present. None from Kirkibost and Hacklete.

November 28 – 10 pupils present. Compulsory Officer called.

November 29 – 8 pupils present.

November 30 – 12 pupils present.

December 3 – 13 children present.

December 4 – 13 present.

December 5 – 8 present 2 more cases of fever.

December 6 – 5 present

December 10 – On Friday last none present – average for week 8 nearly. Today 5 present from Tobson. Called on Compulsory officer and asked him to visit as many as possible and inform parents that severe measures would be taken unless the children were kept regularly at school. Six cases of fever in Tobson. John Macinnes, pupil-teacher has gone to Stornoway to sit for the Queens Scolarship and Studentship examination. Dr Ross recommends closing the school for some time.

December 14 – Average 3.8

December 21 – Average for week 9.2

December 28 – Several other families have come today and it appears that the parents have got over their fright to some extent. Over one third present.

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