45977: Religious revival in Garyvard

In March of 1938 a revival started in Garyvard initially focused round one house, Tigh Alasdair Ruaraidh at number 1 Garyvard, down by the shore close to where the jetty is today. As news spread people came from all over the island to these meetings. The meetings were at no set time and sometimes as one would finish another would start. Groups of people would come sometimes in the back of lorries and as they were leaving the village they would sometimes meet another group and start all over again. These meetings went on sometimes till the early hours of the morning. They were mainly prayers and singing only and very few ministers were involved. The singing was renowned and the participants used to sing even as they walked along the road in the village.

As more and more people came they moved to the Meeting House and eventually the revival spread to other villages mainly Gravir and Lemreway. Some people just went along to the meetings out of curiosity and were converted. These meetings continued until the war started in 1939.

In 1938, as a divinity student, Rev. K Nicolson came home on holiday to Gravir and landed in the midst of the spiritual awakening. He preached in Lemreway and other places, but had to leave for a place Rosehall, Sutherlandshire to preach there. While there he evidently missed the spiritual warmth that was being enjoyed at home and composed the verses Air Dusgadh Ghearraidh-Bhard.

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