49620: A Great Day Out in Cromore

An account of a Comann Eachdraidh na Pairc outing to Cromore.

On Saturday 28 July, 2001, members and friends from near and far met to enjoy a very good day out in the village of Cromore.

The weather was dull with light rain and a fresh south-westerly breeze but this did not dampen the spirit of those who gathered at the Cromore Mission Hall. The theme of the day was the history of Cromore which had been researched by members of the Pairc Historical Society with the help of locals, whose memories are still sharp.

The first site of interest was the Dun on Loch Cromore where one has to stand in wonder as you admire the skills enrolled in building this place of refuge.

From there the group walked into the village passing the ‘Old Short Cut Route’, the sites of the old shops and the ‘Temple Garden’, until they stepped onto Croft 14, overlooking Cromore Bay. From here, one could think back to the days of much activity when boats were the main lifeline between the villages and Stornoway. The sites of the fishing boat anchorages, the curing station, the shoreline store house, as well as the remains of the beached fishing boats, boilers, etc could be seen on the shore.

The next step was the bakery which still has the oven in place and the shop where past generations of young and old met, day and night, for the exchange of news and entertainment. By midday, the site of the barbecue had been reached where an expected feed awaited, for the refreshment of all.

After the usual chat and greetings of old friends, the ‘Craig’ was climbed and the history of the outback was explaned to those present. Passing sea lochs, washing lochs, lazy beds and echoes from the past, the group disbanded at the north end of the village and made their way back to the Mission Hall where a short service of praise heed to the glory of the one who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This brought the day to an excellent conclusion with promises to meet again next year.

A booklet with detailed information of all Cromore Sites of Interest is available from Pairc Historical Society, price 5.00. order form

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