66586: Deposition of Angus Macleod (Lewis/Harris boundary dispute) 1805

Angus Macleod’s deposition at the first hearing of the Lewis/Harris Boundary dispute;

Wit 23

Sept. 23, 1805

Angus M’Leod, tenant at Brenish, aged sixty years, a married man depones, That he was born in the parish of Uig, and has resided there ever since. Depones, that his father, Ewen M’Leod, is now living at Brenish, and is aged eighty-nine years, and has resided in the parish of Uig, either on the farm of Brenish or Mialasta all the days of his life. Depones, That his father told him that the march betwixt Lewis and Harris commenced at the mouth of the water of Resort, and proceeded by the water of Chlairbeg to Braidhanfhiachlachan; but his father knew nothing more of the march farther than this point on the east.

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