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Wrecking of fishing boat the "Bell", Balallan

Wrecking of fishing boat the "Bell", Balallan

Accident at sea concerning the crew of the Bell, belonging to Murdo Macleod, Balallan

The late gales and shipping - every other day brings intelligence on the damage done by the late gales...By the steamer Clydesdale, which came here (Stornoway) direct from Portree on the night of the 30th, came the crew of the smack "Bell", belonging to Murdo Macleod, Balallan, Lews, the smack, while coming from Loch Hourn fishing to Lews with 50 barrels cured herrings, was caught in the late gale, and driven ashore on south Rona Island, near Raasay, where she speedily broke up, and became a total wreck. Macleod and one of the crew, lost the fingers of one of their hands by the breaking of the winch of the smack when she drove ashore.

Article from the Northern Chronicle, 7 December 1881


Title: Wrecking of fishing boat the "Bell", Balallan
Record Type: Stories, Reports and Traditions
Type: Newspaper Article
Date: 1881
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