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Bernera School Log for 1900- July to September

Bernera School Log for 1900- July to September

Extracts from The Bernera School Log for 1900

July 3 - Copy of letter received from the Department regarding the grant for Ann Macdonald, pupil-teacher: Scotch Education Dept., 28th June 1900, Uig Bernera Public School, Ross. No 1945.


I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your leter of the 20th inst. I am directed to point out that owing to a confusion in the names, a grant of 2 was paid on behalf of the pupil-teacher Mary Macdonald (for whom no grant was due under Article 19e) instead of a grant of 2.10/ - on behalf of the Gaelic speaking Ann Macdonald. The additional amount of the grant due will be paid with next year's grant. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient servant

J Macdonald Esq.

Clerk to Uig School Board

Stornoway, North Britain.

July 9 - I am giving up my office as Headmaster of the School. My successor, Mr Taylor is expected to arrive on Saturday the 14th inst. Mr Angus Mackenzie, ex pupil-teacher is left in charge of the school as an interim teacher.

July 16 - Commenced duties here today; 40 pupils in attendance. Charles Taylor.

July 23 - Having introduced Drawing and Singing by rote, the timetable had to be altered. I shall shortly submit a new timetable for the approval of H.M.I.

July 27 - Some progress is being made in Singing by note-modulator exercises. Drawing commenced on scales. Mental arithmetic requires great attention. Reading monotonous.

August 3 - Attendance lowered owing to stormy mornings - Monday and Tuesday - and going to the moors for cattle on Thursday and Friday. All teachers are working well and children are making some progress.

August 6 - John Macinnes, pupil-teacher very sick all day and unable to take his class.

August 7 - Pupil-teacher now better and work going on as usual.

August 10 - School closed. Lambs being brought home. Percentage of attendance higher than it has been for the last 9 weeks.

August 24 - Commenced drawing on books with the standards IV -EXVI from Bacon's Charts part III

August 27 - School examined today by the Rev. W Watson. 82 children were present. Sent a "Scheme of Work" and new timetable for the approval of H.M.I.

August 30 - Compulsory Officer called. Alex.Maciver, Breaclete has only attended 12 times this year and being still under medical treatment, and likely to continue so for some time, has been removed from the Register.

September 4 - "Visited school 12.20pm. Present sixty-five pupils. Examined registers and found all correct. I find there is a difficulty in getting attendance in this school up to the usual standard, the school being so long closed owing to epidemics. I believe this has something to do with this state of matters. I have every confidence in Mr Taylor, the new headmaster, in keeping up the usual high tone of this school and have instructed him to use the necessary measures in getting the School up to the usual efficiency in attendance"
Malcolm Macdonald, Manager.

September 5 - Stormy day - school closed. Painters came in this afternoon unexpectedly. They want to finish the Schoolroom this weekend. Fast day tomorrow. School closed for the rest of the week.

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Title: Bernera School Log for 1900- July to September
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