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A Month from the School Log, Gravir 1939

A Month from the School Log, Gravir 1939

A Month from the Headmaster's Log, Gravir School


Re-opened today after the Summer Vacation. The attendance was quite satisfactory.

The following pupils have left during the Summer Vacation:

Donald John MacInnes Adv. Div. II
Malcolm Campbell " " II
Christina Morrison " " II
Mary Ann Matheson " " I

The first three pupils have gained their Day School Certificate while the fourth pupil has entered the Nicolson Institute, Stornoway, as a County Bursar.

We shall miss these clever pupils.

The following pupils have been enrolled on the Registers of the Gravir School:

Margaret Ann MacLean.
Joan Nicolson. (both infants).

Probably a weaving class will be instituted from Advanced Division boys. Weaving will possibly be one of the subjects in the curriculum for the Handwork in Advanced Divisions. A Table Loom has been sent to a few Schools and teachers can't help inferences.

Pupils are rather apathetic naturally - after their long spell of freedom from School.

A parcel of books had been missing but after a few days, it was found in the stores (Stornoway).

Other two parcels from Arnolds were received, but it was discovered that a mistake had been made by the packer in Arnolds.

These were duly returned.

Gaelic Books from The Comunn have not been yet received. Making enquiries about them in the Education Office.


Percentage of average attendance = 95.5.

Rumours of war. Everybody seems very excited in view of recent developments in political circles.

The Navy men (some of them) have been called up to join their units.


More activities regarding war. More Navymen called up to join their units.

No panic among the people or the children.


Nothing to report.


Germany has invaded Poland according to wireless reports.


Percentage of average attendance 95.7.


Britain and France have declared war on Germany on 3/9/39.


This forenoon a telegram was received from The Director of Education (Dr. Thomson) authorising the closure of the School for a week - one opening had been registered.


Re-opened today after one week's closure. The attendance was quite good. During the week war news recounts sinking of the "Athenia" and several merchant ships by enemy submarines. French are invading Germany at some points.


Closing this afternoon for the customary Autumn Communions. Re-opening Tuesday, 19th. Sept. inst.


Vacations - Session 1939 - 1940

(1) Christmas Vacation From 23rd Dec. 1939 to 7th Jan. 1940, both dates inclusive.

(2) Spring Vacation From 22nd March to 31st March, 1940, both dates inclusive.

(3) Summer Vacation From 29th June - 19th Aug., 1940, both dates inclusive.

In addition to the above, the Committee decided to fix a mid-term break from 27th - 30th Oct., 1939, inclusive, and that the dates mentioned should apply to all Schools in the Island.

Yours etc.
D. McKay.


C. MacGregor from Glasgow has been admitted to the School Registers on that date.


Mary B. Morrison left School being over 14 years of age.


War - the main topic everywhere now-a-days. The people take it as a matter of course and while horrified at the sinking of ships by enemy submarines, there is no panic.


Nurse Fletcher paid her customary monthly visit to the School and examined all the pupils (generally).


This week two new pupils from Peterhead were admitted to the School Registers. These were:
Joan Buchan - Adv. Div.
Norman Buchan - Primary Div.

Etta MacLeod from a Glasgow school was also admitted to the School Registers.


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