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Angus Mackay

Angus Mackay

Angus (born 1863) was a son of John Mackay and Christina Macrae, 3 Habost. 

In Lochs, in 1892, he married Christina Macleod, 10 Habost. Angus and Christina settled at 3 Habost and they had eight children.

Aonghas Ban was operated on once on his kitchen table at 3 Habost. The surgeon came from Stornoway during the war and performed the operation on his bladder as he was too ill to travel to town. He lived to tell the tale. The surgeon was assisted by Angus's two daughters, who were nurses.

Angus had a famous sheepdog known as Ross Aonghais Bhain, as if he were a member of the family. The dog went missing and Angus saw someone in his sleep who told him where the dog was buried in a peat bank. He found the dog exactly where he had been directed to look and the dog had obviously been killed by someone. The story goes that he was even told who had done the deed.

Title: Angus Mackay
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Aonghas Ban
Date of Birth: 08-04-1863
Date of Marriage: 1892
Occupation: Crofter, Fisherman
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 1655
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 11872