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George John Mackenzie

George John Mackenzie

George John Mackenzie (1905-1981) was a son of George Mackenzie and Mary Macfarlane, 14 Marvig.

He enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve, S/Ns A11837, B7615, C6673 and D6190, on July 25, 1924. His record indicates that he was 5ft 8½ in tall with brown hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion. George was a fisherman on Banff, Wick and Stornoway registered fishing boats including the Beautiful, the Lady Marjorie and the Maggie Macdonald, from 1924 to 1927 when he joined the Merchant Navy. He travelled to India on the SS Cape St Agnes, to New York on the SS Tuscania and to the River Plate on the SS Sultan Star. George also made several trips to India,  Australia and New Zealand.

George was Mobilised on October 6, 1939 and served in the Royal Navy as a Leading Seaman in the  Second World War. He was based at HMS  Cochrane II, HMS Rooke and HMS Victory I and was granted Agricultural Leave in Marvig in 1943.

George was a bachelor.

Title: George John Mackenzie
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Seòras Sheòrais Iain
Date of Birth: 09-11-1905
Date of Death: 1981
Occupation: Fisherman, Royal Naval Reservist, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 5472
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 62998