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Evander Maciver

Evander Maciver

Evander, born c1786, was a son of Neil and Ann nee Macaulay Pabbay and Reef. A soldier, he was married to Susan nee Boyd from Ireland and had four children that we know of; Thomas b c1822 Ireland, Evander b c1827 Ireland, Ellen b c1830 and Dorinda b c1834.

When he returned home after the wars the Custom Authorities appointed him Receiver of Wrecks in Uig, and Seaforth gave him the island of Pabbay in appreciation of his military services (the ruin of his house can still be seen on the island). In 1847 he was awarded a General Service Medal with a clasp for Maida.

Evander, his wife and family emigrated to Quebec. They are found in the 1851 Census (actually carried out late - in 1852) in Melbourne township (Brompton Gore), Sherbrooke County. His son Evander was a farmer there, with his own family, in the 1881 Census returns.

The following is from an account written by his brother Angus;

...One of my brothers was in the Army, and served 21 years in the 78th Regiment. He was discharged with a handsome pension of about 30 or 35 annually; being a Sergeant in that Regiment.....


Title: Evander Maciver
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Sergeant Phabbaidh
Date of Birth: 1786
Occupation: Soldier
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEU 3635
Record Maintained By: CEU
Subject Id: 65643