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Hector Macaulay

Hector Macaulay

Excerpt from "A History of Kirkibost" by C B Maclean, Stornoway:

Hector had been in the Army in the first world war and he was an officer in the Bernera home guard which used to meet in Breaclete.

Hector inherited 13 Kirkibost from his uncle Hector "Eachainn Aonghais Mairi" and aunt Christina "Cairstiona Aonghais Mairi".

He was unmarried and passed croft 13 Kirkibost to his nephew Iain Macaulay 1 Kirkibost

Title: Hector Macaulay
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Eachainn Phiri
Date of Birth: 07-02-1894
Occupation: Fisherman
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEBL 426
Record Maintained By: CEBL
Subject Id: 7382