103867: 8 North Tolsta

8 North Tolsta was a new croft in 1851, the first tenants being Allan Campbell and family. In 1855 the family moved to 34 Newmarket.

8 North Tolsta was in the process of being passed to John Macinnes when he drowned in a fishing accident off Tolsta Head. As his name had not officially been put on the rental, his widow, Isabella and their two children were evicted. The family were given shelter, as cottars at 6 North Tolsta, by Norman Macleod.

8 North Tolsta passed to John Morrison who had nine children there. The croft passed to his son Kenneth.

Kenneth Morrison had six children and the croft passed to his daughter Isabella.

Isabella lived there with her nephew Alastair Brown and also had her sister Mary’s family as cottars. The croft eventually passed to Mary, and the house Mary’s family had lived in while cottars was feued off and sold to John Maclean; at that point it became known as Islay Cottage.

Mary Morrison married Alexander Morrison and had four children. The croft passed to their son.

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Croft or Residence
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