103900: 30 North Tolsta

30 North Tolsta was lotted in 1851. The first occupants were Mary Morrison,  John Maciver, and their three children: Angus, Alex and Murdo. Once settled at 30 North Tolsta the couple had a further five children: Kenneth, Christina, Catherine, Mary and Jessie. Alex became a cottar at 30 North Tolsta. 30 North Tolsta passed to John and Mary’s son-in-law John Murray.

John Murray married Mary Maciver and the couple had eight children: Jessie, Mary, Donald, Mary, John, Christina, Margaret and Mary. John and Mary’s daughter Mary returned to the parental home with her two children, John and Kenina, after she was widowed by the Iolaire disaster.
During the Great Gale of 16th March 1922 part of the corrugated iron roof of the Free Presbyterian Church hit the chimney stack of 30 North Tolsta and bought it down ; large pieces of rock crashed through the thatched roof. None of the family was hurt. 30 North Tolsta passed to Donald.

Donald Murray married Isabella Macdonald. The couple had five children: three boys and two girls. 30 North Tolsta passed to Donald and Isabella’s eldest son, John.

Alexander Maciver married Mary Macleod, of 4 North Tolsta, and the couple settled as cottars at 30 North Tolsta. They had nine children: Ann, Ann, Margaret, Jessie, Mary, Christina, Isabella, John and Alexander. Their daughter Mary married Kenneth Mackay. Mary and Kenneth settled at the cottars house at 30 North Tolsta; during the time they lived there they had at least two children: twins who died of pneumonia in November 1918. Mary and Kenneth moved to 43 Gress in 1922.

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