91914: John Murray

John (1857-1929) was the son of Donald Murray and Mary Martin. The family were cottars at 21 North Tolsta.

In 1864, when John’s maternal grandmother died, 21 North Tolsta was divided and his family obtained 21b North Tolsta.

John married Mary Maciver of 30 North Tolsta and settled there with her; 30 North Tolsta passed to him in due course. The couple had their first child in 1889. In total they had eight children: six girls and two boys.

During the Great Gale of 1921, the chimney stack was brought down by a large piece of corrugated roofing, which had been torn from the Free Presbyterian Church. None of the family were hurt, but large pieces of stone crashed through the thatched roof. 

In due course 30 North Tolsta passed to their son: Donald.


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