23235: Miavaig Farm and House, Uig

Miavaig Farm was created in the 1850s to supplement the income of James Macrae, the Registrar and Inspector of the Poor at Miavaig. Previous tenants of Miavaig (Malcolm Gillies (born c1777), John Mackay (born 1794), and Duncan Macritchie (born 1777), with their families, and a Margaret Morrison (born 1789)) were moved to facilitate its construction. At least Gillies and Mackay (who had once lived on high ground near the entrance to Glen Valtos) relocated to Carishader. 

The arable land was mostly given over to Mr Macrae as a farm, to supplement his income. The large house was located very near the shore, so close that the tide reached the walls and occasionally, in latter years and at exceptionally high tides, came into the kitchen. A storeroom attached to the house was used for supplies for the relief of the poor. 

In 1861 the Macraes and their staff were the only inhabitants of Miavaig – James and Jane and their six children, with his mother, a niece, two servants, a shepherd and a gamekeeper.

Cyril Alfred Goodge bought the farm in the 1930s and stayed in the house by the shore until he built a bungalow on the upper side of the road. The original house was demolished and Cyril’s daughter and husband built a house for their retirement on the same site, but raised several feet. 



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Croft or Residence
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Farm / Tack
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