3162: 2 Valtos

The 1841 census gives two households of this family, John Mackay 35 (Iain Iain Ruaidh) and his wife Ellen 30, Madge 5, Donald 1, Calum 3 and Catherine Mackay 18. Next door lived John Mackay 65, his wife Henny, Ann 25 and Mary 20.

In 1850 croft No 2 was allocated to John Mackay senior (Iain Ruadh), the younger John Mackay having been drowned at the fishing about 1847.

The 1851 census shows Ellen a widow, Calum 12, Isabella 8, Andrew 6 and Marjory 14 living next door in her grandfather’s house with John 78, Henny 77 and Mary 32. next is a household Angus Mackay 45, his wife Margaret 32, and Norman 3. Angus Mackay was allocated the original No 15, which later became No 10.

Uig Historical Society Map 1980 states tenancy as:

1st John Mackay
2nd Malcolm Mackay (grandson)
3rd John Mackay
4th John M Mackay Stornoway

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Croft or Residence
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