3166: 6 Valtos

The first tenant of the holding was Angus Smith (see Croft 5) son of Malcolm Smith, Valtos and brother of Malcolm (Calum Olach) 78th regiment. Angus and his wife and five children emigrated to Canada in 1851.

The croft was divided into two halves. James Morrison (see Croft 5) cleared from Carnish in 1852 became tenant of the half which became No 5 and Angus Macaulay, who was given No 13 in 1850 and gave it up, became tenant of No 6.

According to the 1850 Rent Roll the tenant then was was Donald Macleod son of Malcolm rent 7-5-6

Family of Donald & Ishbal Macleod who were on the census in 1851 & 1841 were given croft 6 Valtos but they emigrated to Canada on the ‘Marquis of Stafford’ on the 19th May 1851

Uig Historical Society Map 1980 says
1st Tenant Angus Smith who went to Canada
2nd Tenant Angus Macaulay ex No 13
3rd Tenant Widow Marion Macaulay
4th Tenant Angus Maclennan Aonghas Dubh
5th Tenant John Maclennan ex No 9 Sandwick ex 9 Valtos
6th Tenant Johan Maclennan 9 Valtos

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Croft or Residence
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