67361: 6a Ruisgarry (The Glebe and Manse)

6a Ruisgarry was one of the crofts created in the relotting of 1850. Originally allotted to Norman Campbell, his family was removed when the land was taken for the Glebe of the Established Church of Scotland. The Telford-designed church is nearby.

The following ministers resided in the Manse: Reverend Hugh MacDonald, Reverend John Dugald Gillies, Reverend John MacNiven, Reverend Alexander Grant and finally Reverend Norman Morrison, who left in 1927. Several of the ministers employed servants to work for them, either on the land or as domestic servants within the Manse.

In 1929, following the unification of the Established and United Free Churches, the Manse and Glebe were surplus to requirements.

An advertisement for the sale of the Manse appeared in The Scotsman in August 1934. The purchaser was Allan MacLeod and it has remained in the family since that time.


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Croft or Residence
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Croft; Manse
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