67376: 21/22 Ruisgarry (Ben Leva)

The croft at 21/22 Ruisgarry was created in the 1850 relotting of Ruisgarry by the Harris Estate. It is situated on the slopes of Ben Leva (Gaelic: Beinn Shlèibhe), ‘hill of the moor’.

The entire croft was lotted to John Campbell, from Pabbay, but in 1858 the croft was split into two parts. John Campbell kept part (croft 22), but the remainder was given to Roderick MacLeod (croft 21). John Campbell died in about 1863, at which stage Roderick took over the combined croft 21/22 Ruisgarry. Roderick’s son Malcolm lived as a cottar on the croft until 1900.

Following Roderick’s death in 1890 the croft passed down the family line to Neil and John (known as Iain). Following Iain’s death in 1948 it passed to his sister Mary, and subsequently to her nephew Donald John MacAskill, who lived at Rhuvanish.

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Croft or Residence
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