910: 19 Gravir

19 Grabhair

The first tenant of 19 Gravir was Donald Macphail (1816-1899) from 9 Old Gravir and the croft was passed to his son, Angus (1854-1929). His son, John (1887-1953) was the next tenant and he passed 19 Gravir to his son Angus Macphail (1930-2011).

Donald's sister, Henrietta (1811) and his brother, Murdo (1828) and Murdo's son, Neil (1866) were Cottars on the croft.

At one time three families lived on 19 Gravir. The homes of John MacPhail  (1887-1953) (Ned) and his sister, widow, Donaldina MacDonald (1899-1976) were connected and forms the present single house.

19 Southside Gravir was part of this croft.


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