ATLANTIC ROUND HOUSE (Early Iron Age to Roman Iron Age – 800 BC to 400 AD)
Site of probable broch


NB 1829 3396

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NB13SE 4 1829 3396.

(NB 1830 3396) Dun (NR) (Site of).
OS 6"map, (1965)

The remains of Dun Tiddaborra or Dun Nicisabhat, crowning a slight elevation about 30′ high. On the north or landward side the mound rises only about 6′ above the adjacent level, but towards the water it is rocky and precipitous for a height of about 20′. Most of the stones have been removed, and the only piece of building in position is towards the south, where a section, nearly 12′ in length, shows a height of 4′ on the outside of the wall. The only over-all measurement now available is the diameter from north to south which is some 50′.
RCAHMS 1928, visited 1914.

The amorphous remains of Dun Tiddaborra, as described by the RCAHM, at NB 1829 3399, are now so reduced that no measurements can be taken.
Site surveyed at 1/2500.
Visited by OS (N K B) 22 June 1969

Very much more of this dun survives than the NMRS entries suggest. Two rectangular holes which had been opened in the top of the monument sometime before 1992 revealed substantial masonry within the mound. These openings have now been exploited by rabbits, and more stonework is apparent. The soil contained within and sealing these levels is rich in midden material – animal and fish bones, large oyster shells, fired clay etc. A small fragment of cordon-decorated Iron Age pottery was recovered from the upcast from one of the rabbit holes within the monument (6.1.2001).
Rev. Macaulay also related a local tradition that a chain had long ago extended from Dun Tiddaborra to Sgeir Tinndelan (tinne = a chain in Gaelic). It could be struck to announce the presence of visitors to the inhabitants of the dun.
Carol Knott, 15.1.2001


RCAHMCS. 1928. The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments and Constructions of Scotland. Ninth report with inventory of monuments and constructions in the Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles, Publisher: HMSO The RCAHMS 9th Report and Inventory: Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles. 21, No. 73


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.

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Historical or Archaeological Site
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Atlantic Round House
Iron Age (pre-Roman) (800-0 BC); Iron Age (Roman) (1-400 AD)
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