118136: Oxford County, Ontario

Oxford County is located in Ontario, Canada.

This area was established in 1788 as the Hesse District; a few years later when Norfolk County was established the area became known as the Western District. Over time the land has been included in different areas as boundaries have changed. In 1798 it was part of London District; from 1840, when it was split off from London District, it was known as Brock District.

Historical townships:

  • Blandford
  • Blenheim
  • Dereham
  • East Nissouri
  • North Norwich
  • South Norwich
  • East Oxford
  • North Oxford
  • West Oxford
  • East Zorra
  • West Zorra

Since 1975 it consists of eight municipalities:

  • Woodstock
    The main city.
  • Tillsonburg
    Originally Dereham Forge, renamed in 1836)
  • Ingersoll
    Founded in 1852
  • Norwich
    Formerly East Oxford and South Norwhich Township. It includes the communities of Beaconsfield, Bond’s Corners, Brown’s Corners, Burgessville, Cornell, Creditville, Curries, Eastwood, Hawtrey, Hink’s Corners, Holbrook, Milldale, Muir, Newark, New Durham, Norwich, Oriel, Otterville, Oxford Centre, Rock’s Mills, Rosanna, Springford, Summerville, Blows, and Vandecar.
  • Zorra
    Formed through the amalgamation of East Nissouri, West Zorra and North Oxford townships.
  • South-west Oxford
    Includes: Beachville, Brownsville, Culloden, Delmer, Foldens, Hagles Corner, Ostrander, Salford, Sweaburg, Verschoyle, Zenda.
  • Blandford-Blenheim
    Includes the historic county townships of Blandford and Blenheim.
  • East Zorra-Tavistock
    Includes Braemar, Cassel, East Zorra, Hickson, Huntingford, Innerkip, Perry Mine, Perrys Lane, Strathallan, Tavistock, Tollgate, Willow Lake and a portion of Punkeydoodles Corners.


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