48863: Neil Maclennan

Neil (c1802-1886) was a son of Donald Maclennan and Chirsty Macleod, Valtos. In 1835, Neil married Marion Macdonald (possibly of 5 Tobson) and settled in Valtos. They had four children; John, Donald, Catherine and Malcolm.

The family emigrated to Quebec in the summer of 1851, having sailed from Lewis in May or June of that year (The Scottish pioneers of Upper Canada identifies this time frame). Neil’s son Donald later crossed from Canada to the United States of America, at Niagara Falls in 1908, at which point he stated that he had arrived in Quebec in 1851.

The Canadian census of 1861 shows Neil, listed as “Niel McClellan”, as aged 64 and living in the village of Clinton in the county of Huron, whilst working as a labourer. Marion is not mentioned but the following family members are listed: John (aged 24), Donald (aged 19), Catherine (aged 17), Malcolm (aged 15) and Martha (aged three). These five younger Maclennans are noted as having been born in Scotland, though this would not allow for Martha being aged only three if she had emigrated in 1851.

The Canadian census of 1871 shows Neil “McClellan” as aged 70, widowed, and resident in the township of West Oxford in Oxford County, Ontario.  He is living with his daughter Catherine (aged 26), Catherine’s husband Robert G Doull (a mill hand, aged 29 and born in the Orkney Isles), and Catherine and Robert’s three Ontario-born children, Sarah (aged five), Robert (age unclear) and Martha (aged one).

The Canadian census of 1881 shows “Niel McClellan” as aged 78, widowed, and resident in the town of Woodstock in Oxford North, Ontario. His is living with his son Donald (aged 34; a blacksmith), Donald’s wife Elizabeth (aged 32 and born in New Brunswick), and Donald and Elizabeth’s three Ontario-born sons aged ten, seven and four. Donald subsequently reported his father Neil’s death on 1st October 1886 at Woodstock.



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    Niall a Sguthair; Niel McClellan
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    1 Oct 1886
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    CEU 2697
    Weaver; Labourer
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