585: Achmore, Lewis

Achmore was settled in the 1820s with the original families coming from Bernera, Uig and going by the name of Mackay. Evidence of earlier inhabitants remains in the form of the Achmore Stone Circle for which the comann eachdraidh and community council have funded a path and information board.

Loch an Ach (‘Loch Acha Mòr’ on Ordnance Survey maps) is of interest in itself as it lies within the Achmore Bog Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), while the communications masts at Eitshal are said to have been foreseen by the Brahan Seer. A short distance from the road, the remains of a Norse mill can be seen, with longer walks rewarding the more adventurous with fantastic views and the remains of sheilings and farmsteads.

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