38025: Mantle clock

Catalogue No. UIG_2004_0111

Object Name

Gaelic: Cleoc

English: Mantle Clock

Object Description/History:

Mantle clock in mahogany case, the door with two fluted columns, broken pediment dial with Roman numerals (silvered), the brass backing plate has flower design in each corner. The rear door has the makers label in metal “H.A.C. Clock Made in Wurttenberg. The movement is stamped with 164/36 over 430. Inside is a business card of Bernard Jackson, wholesail and retail Jeweller and Watchmaker, 19 Salisbury Terrace, Aberdeen, Est 1880.

Maker/Made at: H.A.C. Clock Made in Wurttenberg.

Donor Information: Mrs Gillies, Enaclete

Location: Uig Museum Date: 27.02.04

Overall size: (millimetres)

Length: 150

Width: 267

Height: 380

Record Type:
Object or Artefact
Type Of Object Artefact:
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