38027: Three Legged Pot (Dye Pot)

Catalogue No. UIG_2004_0048

Object Name

Gaelic: Poit Dhath

English: Three legged pot

Object Description/History:

Three legged pot for dying wool, each family had one of these pots, they were filled with raw wool and dye and placed on stones in a sheltered spot to simmer all day. This is a small pot.

User/Used at: 8 Enaclete

Donor Information: Angus Murdo Matheson, 8 Enaclete

Location: Uig Museum Date: 25.02.04

Overall size: (millimetres)

Height: 370

Diameter: 436

Record Type:
Object or Artefact
Type Of Object Artefact:
Dyeing Vessel
Record Maintained by:

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