10313: Malcolm Smith

Extract from "A History of Kirkibost" by CB Maclean, Perceval Rd, Stornoway(Niece of Malcolm)

Callum, who was named after Callum who died, was badly disfigured in an accident as a child. He was burned around the face when his clothes caught fire. My grand father told me his life was saved by a man from Breasclete called Donald Macarthur. This man was well known for being gifted at healing people, in those days doctors weren’t easily available, my grandfather went over to Breasclete for this man and he stayed with the family for many weeks until Callum was out of danger. My grandfather then called the next son Donald Macarthur Smith after the man who saved Callums life.

His disability never held Callum back. He was a very intelligent man. He liked reading and he was always busy around the croft. He built small sailing boats similar to the well known "sgoth niseach". He built these boats to order. Building these boats took a lot of skill and patience and they were very expertly made by Callum.

In the summer after the sheep clearing he used to dye the wood with crotal, we often went with him to scrape the crotal from the rocks; I don’t suppose anyone does that now.

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Also Known As:
Calum Thormoid
Date Of Birth:
17 May 1895
Date of Death:
17 Jan 1951
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CEBL 580
Boat builder
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