10088: Norman Smith

Norman, born in 1860, was a son of Malcolm and Mary nee Maciver who lived in Bosta. The family moved to No 18 Kirkibost when it was re-settled in 1878.

Extract from "A History of Kirkibost" by Chrissie Bell (Morrison) Maclean, writing of her grandfather:

My grandfather, Tormod Mor, of whom I was very fond, died in 1942. He was a very religious man, as all men of his generation were then. One could sense that he was in close communion with God. In his old age, when he was still able to get around, he went for a walk up the hill every day. He had a special place where he prayed and meditated. Sometimes we went up the hill with him and I really enjoyed these walks. One summer morning, as he set out for his usual walk, he fell outside and broke his hip. After that, until he passed away about a year later, he did not walk again.

There was very little medical care in those days. I don’t think he was ever in hospital. My uncles carried him into the living room each day and he sat on his high chair looking out the window at the ever-changing face of the sea and the passing boats. He enjoyed the view from his window of the sea, of Ceabhagh and Ceartaigh, Breasclete and Tolsta Chaolais and the hills of the Tir Mor.

One nice summer evening my uncles went out fishing or "flaidhigeadh" as they called it. They came home with a pail full of whiting and small haddock. My grandfather said he would like some boiled fish and "sabhs". Sabhs was the water the fish was cooked in with some milk added. He had gone to bed and my granny took the meal up to him. She left him enjoying it. When she went up later he had finished the meal. He had placed the dish on the bedside table and, with his hands clasped in prayer, he had passed away peacefully. I was not in Bernera at the time but I still remember the great sense of loss I felt.
He is buried in the family plot in Bosta Cemetery near where he was born. His funeral left by boat from our croft. This was the only way to get to Bosta with a funeral then. There were no suitable roads or any from of transport. It was particularly sad to see the boat sail away with the cortege aboard. For a sea-faring man it was a fitting last journey.

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Also Known As:
Tormod Chaluim Rhuaidh
Date Of Birth:
7 Jan 1860
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBL 570
Stonemason; Fisherman
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