9778: Mary Maciver

Mary (born 1830) was a daugher of Norman Maciver and Christina Macdonald. In 1856 Mary married Malcolm Smith; the couple had five children. She is buried in Rodel Cemetery beside her son John Smith, the catechist.

Extract from John Smith No 18 Kirkibost, Bernera. Missionary and Bard by Chrissie Bell Maclean of Perceval Road, Stornoway:

…family history records that she went to Harris with him (John) when she was quite old. It was said that she walked to Harris with him through the moor, up by Kinresort and into the Harris hills. That is how people from Uig went to Harris in those days.

My grandfather Norman (Donald) Smith (her son) used to walk to Harris to visit her each Summer when the croft work was done. I heard him tell of one time he was rather late in the year in going down to Harris, on his way back he was caught in a snow-storm and only managed home by the grace of God.


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Also Known As:
Mairi Thormoid
Date Of Birth:
8 Jun 1830
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CEBL 563
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