1057: Kenneth Smith

Kenneth (1873-1919) was born in Earshader, the son of Kenneth Smith and Marion Smith.

During his service in the First World War he spent some time in the Mediterranean. Kenneth lost his life in the Iolaire disaster. His suitcase was subsequently recovered and found to contain gifts for his family including a fringed shawl, a silk scarf and a silk handkerchief with “Gibraltar” written on it, and some brown silk material that was later used to make a dress for his daughter Marion. Marion recalled that it was so fine it had to be lined with a dark material.

John, Kenneth’s father, was still living when Kenneth lost his life. The croft at 1 Earshader was left to Kenneth’s widow Christina.

Record Type:
Date Of Birth:
6 Sep 1873
Date of Death:
1 Jan 1919
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEBL 905
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