16119: Roll of Honour: Crulivig School District, 1914 and after

Crulivig School District (Earshader, Crulivig & Lundale)

Royal Naval Reserve:

Ferguson, Finlay 6 Crulivig

Macaulay, Donald 3 Lundale

Macdonald, Kenneth 6 Lundale

Macdonald, Norman 5 Crulivig

Macinnes, Duncan 3 Crulivig

Macleod, Kenneth 5 Lundale

Smith, Kenneth 1 Earshader

Seaforth Highlanders:

Macaulay, Angus, Pte. 3 Lundale
(Wounded in back; returned to firing line)

Macaulay, John, Pte. 3 Lundale
(Killed in action, 26th October, 1914)

Macdonald, James, Pte. 5 Crulivig

Mackay, Malcolm W, Pte. 4 Crulivig
(Wounded in arm; ears affected; now at Cromarty)

Mackay, Malcolm, Pte. 5 Crulivig
(Wounded in Persian Gulf, 7th January, 1916)

Macleod, Angus, Pte 5 Lundale

Macleod, Donald, Pte. 5 Lundale

Macleod, Malcolm, Pte 5 Lundale
(Once wounded, and once gas poisoned, in France)

Macleod, Roderick, Pte 5 Lundale
(Killed in action, 10th March 1915)

Cameron Highlanders:

Macleod, Malcolm, Pte. 1 Crulivig
(Frostbitten; missing since 25th September, 1915)

Canadian Contingent:

Ferguson, Angus, Sgt. 6 Crulivig
(Wounded at St Julien; taken prisoner; had left leg amputated at thigh; subsequently exchanged for German Prisoner of War)

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