794: Crulivig, Lewis

From “Place-names of Lewis and Harris by D Maciver F.E.I.S.

Crulavik : There is an island out from the bay, vik, which ebbed long ago ; tidal water ; a jutting point, cro ; Cro-la-vik. The nook of the tidal bay.

Crulivig is on the mainland side of the Bernera Bridge and according to local tradition it was settled in 1823 when four families moved in from Kirkibost. Croft No 5 was later settled when Hacklete was cleared c1851 and No 6 was the last to be added.

No.1 has the curious distinction of never being inherited directly by the family. Until the last decade, during which the sale of crofts to incomers has escalated, there were more surnames on this croft than any other in the island.

Families in Crulivig lived in the following crofts:

Buchanan: croft 1

Macleod: 1, 3, Schoolhouse

Ferguson: 2, 6

Macinnes: 3

Mackay: 4, 5

Macdonald: 5

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Crulivaig; Crulavik
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