111302: Kenneth Macleod

Kenneth Macleod married Ann Mackenzie. It is not certain where the couple spent their early marriage; however, as Kenneth was one, of the four men, who were staying in Old South Tolsta Tack while working on the Tolsta road in 1791: it seems probable they were living in Old South Tolsta Tack at the time of their marriage. Kenneth’s work mates were Gillespie Macaskill, John Macleod and Alexander Maclean; Alexander went on to become a cottar in Old South Tolsta.

The couple had two children between 1790 and 1801.

Kenneth’s name is listed on the Old South Tolsta Tack sub-tenants list of 1820.

In 1830 the family obtained 28 Old South Tolsta; this passed to their son-in-law, Murdo Mackenzie, in due course.

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Coinneach Saighdear
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